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Why Choose Us?

Who We Are

A farmer, his adoring wife, four amazing kids, two wonderful daughters-in-law, two adorable grandchildren, three crazy dogs and a weird cat.

High school sweethearts born and raised in Oregon, Gene and Tandy moved to Alaska over 15 years ago. They learned that though Alaska is amazing and full of opportunity, it can also be a tough state to thrive! The weather, darkness, and harsh growing climate can really get a family down!

But when they looked around, they realized Alaskans everywhere are thriving so they started watching, asking questions, and listening.

That is what brought us here - to the creation of this website.

Because Every Alaskan Has A Story

What makes Alaska so alluring is also what makes it such a harsh place to live. We are excited to have the opportunity to build a community of people who are thriving in the Last Frontier. To tell their stories.

Gene has his farm - that is what he does to thrive here. We want to hear your story - what do you do to get beyond just surviving and THRIVE in Alaska?

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